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November - December 2021

AUTHOR: The OpenWeb team

Happy New Year from everyone here at OpenWeb! Our team has been busy making enhancements to our product line. Check out what’s new below.

New Features

Author Badges 

  • Authors of articles can now be easily identified with our new Author Badges.

Topic Tracker

  • You can now report the relevant post ID directly from the product. Simply embed a div tag instead of using the launcher for single-page applications (SPAs) and other implementations with multiple post IDs on the same page.

  • We also added Topic Tracker support for AMP implementations.



  • To help make conversations easier to read and navigate, threaded lines now link comments and replies. 

  • When submitting a report, a user can specify the category of the violation. Moderators can view all reported categories in the moderation panel. 

  • You can now customize the Conversation theme when multiple Conversations are present on a single article or page.

  • A new loader has been added to improve the Conversation experience. Check out the following example to see the update. Current:

  • Previous:

Topic Tracker

  • When visiting a page with topics that the user already follows, those topics will appear first in the Topic Tracker widget.


  • To make Reactions feel like an organic part of your site, the semi-transparent background has been removed from the Reactions options.

Popular in the Community

  • We have added a protection layer to our redirect links to prevent unauthorized third-party reuse.

Native SDK

iOS latest version: v1.7.0

Android latest version:  v1.7.2

React native latest version: v1.6.0

  • (Android/iOS) Showing staff member badges are now supported.

  • (Android) In the pre-Conversation screen, an indication of a deleted comment is displayed. 

  • (Android) Update to support Android 11 (API level 30): Following Google's policy for updating the supported API level by November 2021, we upgraded our Android SDK to comply with those rules (Android)

  • (Android) Update to support GoogleAdsSDK V20: Following the breaking changes made by Google in their Admob library, we migrated our integration to support this.

  • (iOS) Displaying a real-time viewers counter at the top of a Conversation is now supported.

  • (iOS) Update to Alamofire dependency to version 5.4

  • (iOS) Update to depend on React-Core in iOS Podspec: Due to an internal change in ReactNative, the React pod has been refactored and we needed to use the React-Core pod from the encompassing React pod (iOS)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue in which the reply disappears after clicking on "show more replies" and then logging out

  • Fixed issue in which only the first link is clickable when more than one link has been inserted into a Conversation

  • Corrected the wrong location of GIF and Emoji buttons when draft appears in a simple editor

  • Fixed the reply hover effect remaining after a click on the Reply button

  • Fixed issue in which opening Community Guidelines causes the user's position on the page to change

  • Fixed an issue in which long article titles in a comment is cut off

  • Fixed the location of delete "X" icon in preview (mobile)

  • Reduced the frequency of the registration call-to-action dialog appearing to once in every conversation

  • Fixed an issue in which the wrong user name is passed after a user profile change has occurred

  • Fixed an issue in which cmd+enter does not trigger the Submit button functionality when submitting feedback

  • Fixed an issue in which the Share modal does not open from the Conversation page

  • Fixed an issue in which a blocked user gets a real-time rejection indication

  • Corrected featured comment disappearing after logging in or logging out

  • Aligned the lower reply with the username of the commenter

  • When a GIF is not found the key of a GIF will appear instead of the "No GIF found" message

Native SDK

  • (Android) Fixed comments counter is not updating correctly in real-time

  • (Android) Addressed unhandled intent in LoginActivity that prevented proper function of Social login

  • (Android) Fixed crash that occurred after deleting a comment in the pre-conversation screen

  • (Android) Fixed issue in which upvote/downvote remains highlighted after the user has logged out

  • (Android) Fixed crash that occurred when an interstitial ad was presented

  • (iOS) Fixed crash that occurred when trying to open a mailto: link


Updated the “X” on the floating notification bell to disappear when opening and closing the notifications from within a Conversation widget


  • Fixed support for email addresses with special characters

Topic Tracker

  • Fixed topics with special characters so that the special characters decode correctly

  • Changed Choose Reactions Location to Choose Topic Tracker Location in the Admin Panel

  • Corrected the skeleton preloader dimensions on mobile 


  • Updated the widget to display the number of comments posted during the current month on sites with a low volume of engagement

  • For implementations with links to disclaimers, enabled disclaimer hyperlinks at the bottom of Spotlight

  • Corrected a Spotlight saving issue in the Admin Panel

  • Corrected margins that appeared above and below the Spotlight widget in certain implementations

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